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Climate change is unsettling Svalbard: That sinking feeling LIFE in Longyearbyen, the world’s northernmost town, can be
Marine Le Pen is hoping to come top in next year’s Euro-election: Aux armes! LESS THAN 18 months ago, Marine Le Pen was beaten
Budapest’s party district is annoying locals: Oh, don’t ask why STANDING on the corner of Dob Street and
Bavaria votes on October 14th; the CSU is in trouble: AN EAR-SPLITTING roar of drums and trumpets blasts out of speakers as
An end to the war in eastern Ukraine looks as far away as ever: “DO YOU know where you’re heading?” asks Andrei, a wide-eyed Ukrainian soldier
Europe’s history explains why it will never produce a Google: ON SUNNY evenings in Brussels, young Eurocrats mingle on the bar terraces
Why Russian Latvians vote for their own: RIGA’S central market, a bustling mosaic of stalls in the shadow of
The Baltics fear European “strategic autonomy”: PERHAPS nowhere in Europe was John McCain mourned more deeply than in
Sacre bleu! Blue wine makes a splash in southern France: A glass of blue, sir? It is a question that may dismay
China mosque demolition sparks standoff in Ningxia: Officials say the Weizhou mosque has no building permits but worshippers are