Chinese tourists: Coming to a beach near you

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Chinese tourists


How the growing Chinese middle class is changing the global tourism industry

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WEN ZHONG is doing what his parents could only dream of: taking a two-week tour of Europe. The 28-year-old from Shanghai has already been to France (“very beautiful”) and the Netherlands (“very good English”). He is now flying from Schiphol airport in Amsterdam to his final stop, Finland, where he hopes to see the Northern Lights (“very exclusive”). Mr Wen is typical of a new wave of Chinese tourists: young, affluent and travelling independently, rather than on a “20-cities-in ten-days” bus tour like those that brought his predecessors. Such tours still appeal to most Chinese tourists on their first trip further afield than Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan. But a third are now organising their own travel, spending more and staying longer in each of their destinations.
Nearly one in ten international …

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