Discovering the best St Petersburg has to offer

Are you planning for your dream holiday but don’t really know where to go? You might have a little something on your mind. You can experience a ton of different kinds of things if you go in St Petersburg. There are so many possible places to visit there.

The State Hermitage

The State Hermitage has everything to see as it houses nearly three million pieces of art from all over the world. Likewise, it holds masterpieces from great artists, sculptors and historical figures. This is a huge museum and absolutely fabulous. There are over 400 different rooms inside that visitors could visit. As a case in point, there are the Gold and Diamond Rooms that contain an impressive collection of gold and silver. You could learn fascinating history of the Royal Family that were captured at that time.

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Pavlovsk Palace and Park

If you want to see such architecture, Pavlovsk Palace is the best one. It is a refurbished palace of Tsar Paul in classicism style. It has become one of the most interesting places to visit in St Petersburg. Pavlovsk Palace is a quiet place everyone can view it leisurely. With a rich blend of history and excellent grounds inside, it is worth a visit. Besides, the park itself has much to offer. There are many activities to do there. When you are in the gardens, you can have the opportunity to take pictures.

St Isaac’s Cathedral

This church is one the tourist attraction in Russia. There are tons of things to see in the cathedral that boasts a vast ceiling painting by Karl Bryullov. You can find out a collection of nineteenth-century art inside. The amount of gold used in this building is overwhelming. The exterior of this cathedral is impressive as the interior. Inside, it has very special features such as the altar, doors decorated with biblical scenes, and ceiling. Moreover, if you climb up the stairs from the top of the dome, you will get a stunning view over the city of St. Petersburg. Do not miss out the malachite columns when you are there.

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