Hitting the wrong note: Southwest Airlines tries to bring music concerts to the skies

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LAST week brought some good news for those who are fans of both flying and country music. Warner Music Nashville, a record label, and Southwest Airlines announced that they will be bringing concerts to the skies. The scheme is an expansion of the airline’s existing “Live at 35” series, in which bands surprise passengers by playing a few songs in the plane’s cabin. Devin Dawson (pictured), an artist on the label, marked the occasion with a performance on a flight from Nashville to Philadelphia. He told Billboard, a music publication, that:Some people don’t really enjoy flying; some people get very nervous and don’t like it. I hope that something like this [performance] is just a cool surprise for some [passengers] that helps them forget about their everyday woes, and I’ll just play a couple of songs to make them smile.However, Mr Dawson’s enthusiasm was not shared by everyone. The reactions on social media were swift and brutal. The New York Daily News tweeted that the carrier is forcing passengers to listen to in-flight music live “because air travel isn’t torture enough”. Vice ran the headline: “Southwest Airlines will regularly inflict live music on trapped passengers”. Frequent flyers asked how there could possibly be space for a band to perform, when airlines are cramming seats …

Link to article: www.economist.com/blogs/gulliver/2017/11/hitting-wrong-note?fsrc=rss

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