Looking backwards: Donald Trump closes the door to Cuba—a bit

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Donald Trump and Raúl Castro team up to punish Cuban entrepreneurs

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Looking backwards

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Cuba and the United States

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India’s prime minister is not as much of a reformer as he seems

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Looking backwards

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IT WAS typical Trumpian pageantry. On a bunting-trimmed stage at the Manuel Artime theatre in Miami’s Little Havana neighbourhood, the president of the United States declared on June 16th that he was “cancelling” the “completely one-sided deal with Cuba” made by his predecessor, Barack Obama. There is much less to this than Donald Trump’s pugnacious rhetoric suggests. But the new policy will still hurt Cuba’s fledgling private sector, discourage economic reform and damage Uncle Sam’s prestige in Latin America.
The deal …

Link to article: www.economist.com/news/americas/21723882-he-wants-hurt-regime-may-end-up-hurting-ordinary-cubans-donald-trump-closes-door?fsrc=rss

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