Wi-Fi: A remote adventure

A RECENT survey of business travellers’ priorities found that a good breakfast is more important to road warriors than decent Wi-Fi. That may be so. Getting a hectic day of meetings off to a good start is vital, after all. But breakfasts have always been part of hotel fare. Over the past decade connectivity has become a necessity. Among room amenities Wi-Fi came out as the top priority, above basics like showers.Whether a traveller is on a short hop or a multi-continental slog, keeping in touch with home is becoming both more important and easier. Smartphones have revolutionised the process. But roaming charges are still high and the network quality variable. Wi-Fi offers a cheap, convenient solution.It is not just at hotels that Wi-Fi is important. Those who tire of life in a single room use the availability of Wi-Fi as a test of where to eat and drink. Business travellers are not backpackers, but they are adventurous. They expect some home comforts but want to dip their toes into new cultures as well. However, connectivity acts as a filter. By ignoring bars or restaurants without internet access, travellers often disregard places off the beaten track. Although not always. Your correspondent discovered a hidden gem of a bar in Tokyo while searching for a signal. And while beach shacks in Sihanoukville, Cambodia might not guarantee running water or electricity, they …

Link to article: www.economist.com/blogs/gulliver/2014/06/wi-fi?fsrc=rss

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