Carry on working: The threat of a worldwide laptop ban recedes

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BUSINESS travellers, you can rest easy. Or, rather, you can forget about resting easy and continue to work through your flight. The anticipated expansion of a ban on laptops and other portable electronics devices in carry-on bags on flights to America is not coming to pass. Instead, you might be facing longer lines in airports around the world.In March, citing security threats, the American and British governments banned electronic devices larger than cell phones in the cabins of flights from some Middle Eastern and North African countries. That wrought havoc on travellers and airlines alike. The Trump administration was considering introducing the restrictions worldwide. Indeed, John Kelly, the homeland security secretary, had said that an expansion of the laptop ban was “likely”. But on July 28th, his department announced that it was instead opting for tighter security measures at airports with flights to America.About 325,000 flyers each day, on 2,000 flights from 280 airports in 105 countries, will face a more “extensive screening process”, said Mr Kelly. The new measures will be “both seen and unseen”, he explained, including tighter screening of electronic devices, more dogs trained to detect explosives, and a closer examination of potentially dangerous travellers. “It is …

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