Computer security: Spam in the fridge

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Computer security


When the internet of things misbehaves

“THE internet of things” is one of the buzziest bits of jargon around in consumer electronics. The idea is to put computers in all kinds of products—televisions, washing machines, thermostats, refrigerators—that have not, traditionally, been computerised, and then connect those products to the internet.
If you are in marketing, this is a great idea. Being able to browse the internet from your television, switch on your washing machine from the office or have your fridge e-mail you to say that you are running out of orange juice is a good way to sell more televisions, washing machines and fridges. If you are a computer-security researcher, though, it is a little worrying. For, as owners of desktop computers are all too aware, the internet is a two-way street. Once a device is online, people other than its owners may be able to connect to it and persuade it to do their bidding.

On January 16th a computer-security company called …

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