Coney Island, where magic is possible

Can you remember the Big film? Where the little boy thought everything could be easy just by being older? Well, part of this film was recorded in the NY paradise: Coney Island.

Although it is not an island, the beaches and promenade show visitors the typical American summer photo. The truth is that, this connected with Manhattan space, is perfect for a day getaway. It is the NY beach. It is a real paradise.

During spring and summer, when sun rises, everything starts again. Restaurants, the amusement park, beaches with many towels, the aquarium… all these places start their business and attract many visitors that are looking for fun.

Imagine yourself there, spending a great day with your family, having fun in the sand and water, bathing yourself in the Atlantic Ocean, really near Brooklyn, really near the big apple, but with all the calm you need.

After that, in this neighbourhood you can enjoy a walk in its promenade, where bikes, skates and people enjoy walking, talking and watching the ocean.

You will be lucky if you travel there when the Luna Park is opened. The amusement park is also a reason to bet for this NY area. If you travel with your family, kids will enjoy a lot by spending hours in the attractions. If you are travelling with your couple, then just enjoy the landscapes, the ducks, the sound of the waves, you will be as lucky as to imagine that if you bet in an online casino you will fleecing banking. But the truth is that this place is magical, as magical as multicultural because you will find different type of shops and restaurants that will keep you in touch with many different nationalities.

During the fall and winter, this place seems to sleep. If you are looking for a place to stay almost alone, you can choose any daily morning to spend in Coney. We promise you won’t find it crowded, maybe you just see some tourist making photos, but we assure you will enjoy it a lot: the calm, the sea, the light and a closed amusement park is something unique to disconnect from the urban jungle.

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