Difference Engine: Lost between tablet and cloud

IT IS no secret that sales of laptop and desktop computers are in terminal decline. Apple’s iPads, along with various Android tablets, are eating their lunch. Now, it seems, tablets want their supper, too. Announcements on October 22nd of a raft of professional-grade tablets—from Apple, Microsoft and Nokia—show how determined their makers now are to address the needs of business users, as well as mainstream consumers.This is further proof, were it needed, that the “consumerisation of IT” that got under way several years ago—with tablets and other consumer devices, designed originally for individuals, invading the office and taking over much of the work done by computers—is happening even faster than anticipated (see “Beyond the PC”, October 8th 2011).In the race to supply tablets to business, Microsoft and its partner Nokia (whose phones and devices are about to become part of Microsoft) have the inside track. Their tablets, along with those from a handful of other suppliers, run Microsoft Office and various Windows-based applications. That is a huge advantage in business. In offices around the world, Microsoft Word is the de facto standard word-processor; Microsoft Excel the standard spreadsheet; and Microsoft Outlook the standard messaging, scheduling and contact software. While a version of Microsoft Office exists for Macintosh computers, there is no native version …

Link to article: www.economist.com/blogs/babbage/2013/10/difference-engine-1?fsrc=rss

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