Europe’s Best Destinations For Adventure Travel

iceland-northern-lightsEurope offers something for everyone, no matter what your pleasure. In order to keep your adrenaline pumping, all the following destinations will offer you any type of adventure you can dream up.

◦    Iceland
Why not go in Iceland to satisfy your more daring side? Situated in the Northern Europe, Iceland is one of the top destinations for adventure. Thanks to the UNESCO World Heritage sites and national parks you can find in Iceland, this country is an ideal destination for your adventure. It is full of incredible adventure places like wild volcanic landscapes, multi-hued glaciers, hot springs, and countless waterfalls. Enjoy some of the clearest views of the Northern Lights in real time. Walk through the Thingvellir National Park or marvel at one of the unspoilt landscapes in Iceland. Also, for a snorkeling and diving tour, you can go at one of the top dive sites in the world as Silfra fissure.

◦    France
Do you want to experience something wildly different? Head in France that is located in Western Europe. Whatever the activities you are looking for, this country is the perfect place for an adventure. Examples include climbing, hiking, skiing, biking, canoeing, and paragliding. For a challenging climb, go at the Verdon Gorge and Ceuse. Paragliding is possible from the Summit of Mont Blanc. Additionally, one of the most exciting adventures anyone can take is a road trip. And you may need a rental car, which is a good help and fun for all the family while taking a road-trip,  you can click here. You can drive through Nice, Cannes or St Tropez for a French Riviera road-trip.

◦    Spain
In fact, this country is famous for its culture, its scenic beauty and its vast coastline. So  why not find the adventure trip to this country? If you are looking for cultural activities, Spain has everything to offer. As a case in point, you can learn Spanish’s culture and arts. In addition to offering cultural activities, there are also a lot of outdoor activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, sky diving, kite surfing, paragliding, rafting, cruising, walking, trekking, snowshoeing and many more. For example, you can experience some of these outdoor sports at Picos de Europa National Park. On the other hand, for a wildlife adventure, discover Andújar Natural Park.

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