Legroom on aeroplanes: A modest proposal for the equitable treatment of the taller passenger

THIS blog often applauds the impact that low-cost carriers have on the travelling habits of everyday consumers. Thanks to a canny mixture of operational efficiency and commercial flexibility, these airlines are opening up the world to vacationers like never before. In Europe, once-obscure destinations far off the beaten tracks of travel agencies have blossomed into popular retreats. User-generated content on websites such as TripAdvisor has further empowered travellers, delivering more or less objective destinations guides. With this in mind, and with a few days booked off work, Gulliver recently boarded a Wizz Air flight to Sibiu in central Romania.In case any representatives from the airline or the Transylvania Tourism Board are tugging on their shirt collars right now: calm yourselves. Gulliver is a great fan of both Wizz Air—which keeps larger competitors Ryanair and EasyJet on their toes—and the charming city of Sibiu, situated near the Southern Carpathian mountain range, one of Europe’s most striking.For the purposes of this article, though, the praise stops there. As The Economist recently noted, legroom on commercial flights is becoming a scarce commodity. The sardinification of passenger planes is a side-effect of commercial prudence, so it is no surprise that low-cost carriers are the worst offenders. In any price-sensitive market, businesses lower their costs …

Link to article: www.economist.com/blogs/gulliver/2014/10/legroom-aeroplanes?fsrc=rss

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