Marine parks: Blackfish blues

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The new age of crony capitalism

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Marine parks


A bid to ban killer-whale shows in California



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As risky as it looks

As risky as it looks

IT IS time for the orca (killer whale) show at SeaWorld, a theme park in San Diego, and ten-year-old Ashley Bell, visiting from Texas with her family, is struggling to contain her excitement. “In the wild you see them, but they don’t do cool stuff,” she notes, a few minutes before being soaked to the skin by a whale performing one of the many tricks its trainer demands of it.
Ashley’s parents have not seen “Blackfish”, a documentary that takes aim at SeaWorld’s treatment of killer whales. But millions of Americans have. The results for SeaWorld have not been pretty; big-name musicians such as Willie Nelson have cancelled concerts, activists have protested outside SeaWorld’s three venues and the group’s …

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