New year, new attitude at your job place

We have to assume that most of our time we are going to spend it in our job place. Offices are the new homes for many people. They wake up, start their journey and work, work and work.

That’s why it is so important to feel good there. And sometimes this has to do with the way we act in our spaces. It is not only about staying as much hours as we can to make our job, it has to do with the attitude we show our partners, bosses and customers.

  1. Has to do with the Internet: just use it when you need it. Forget about spending time just looking what is published not only on the Social Media but also in the online newspapers. Internet has to be a tool, not an entretainment.
  2. Has to do with your tasks: forget about trying many things at the same time. Studies recently published that it is better to finish a task before starting another one. At least, do not try to make them at the same time as they can get contaminated by each other. If you cannot continue with one, close it and start with another one.
  3. Mails: stablish two or three times a journey to check your mail. You can waist a lot of time just by waiting until the inbox refreshes. Check it when necessary or even when you are waiting for a mail to arrive, but forget about it until you really need to know if there is something new waiting for you.
  4. Make a plan: plan your tasks before starting. That will be the best way to priorice your time and understand all you have to work with during the whole day. If you don’t follow some order, you will forget the important things and maybe give more time to things that do not need it.
  5. Disconnect your mobile: it seems something obvious, but you also need to disconnect from your work a few hours. Once you finish your job day, forget about it if you can.

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