Regional tourism: Importing them by the shipload

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The man who used to walk on water

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Regional tourism


Attracting tourists to Britain’s regions will get tougher as the economy grows



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IN THE harbour at Portsmouth, the din of shipbuilding competes for attention with the thumping feet of tourists in its historic docks. Just metres away from sailors and shipwrights maintaining the Royal Navy’s latest vessels, visitors jostle on the decks of the tiny wooden HMS Victory, searching for the spot where Lord Nelson died in battle in 1805. But with traditional shipbuilding in decline, Portsmouth hopes its burgeoning attractions can take up the slack. The numbers of people looking at its dockyard have risen in the past year, and a smart new museum to house the Mary Rose, a salvaged Tudor warship, opened in May 2013.
New research published on November 21st by Deloitte, a …

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