The foreign invest in Spain still rises

Spain is not living during last months the best conditions for investors. The new elections, convoqued for the 26th of June, are the reality of some difficult months in terms of invest.

During the last elections that took place in December, the Spanish people vote and the parties were not able to form the government for the following 4 years. This uncertainty during the fist half of the year was a period of really danger for the Spanish economy. If the investors felt all this as a problem, the Spanish economy could have sufferred during its recovery.

But, far from this thought, the truth is that investors bet for the Spanish infrastructure and during last year it increased a 7%.

Where do investors put their eyes on?

If we take a look to the invests that arrived last year, Barcelona or Madrid are the two main destinations for the abroad projects.

A 63% of the money that arrived to our country in terms of foreign invest arrived to this places with 147 different projects from companies that want to open their market target in this country.

We can also define the different sectors for this bet: manufacture, finantial services, transports or retail are the main disciplines for these projects.

Where are investors from?

Once we know that the Spanish economy is attractive for the foreigners entrepreneurs, we have to define where are they from. In the case of the main nationalities for the EY survey of “European Attractiveness Survey”, they say that the business angels come from United States, Great Britain, France, Germany and Japan.

The truth is that the European Union is not experimenting the best economical age of its history, but with the effords of the ECB and also with the trustness of the investors, little by little the economy starts its rising.


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