Travel to the best Coffe producers with Travel2be

There are many type of travels depending on your interest like you can see in agencies like Travel2be, but today we want you to think about those countries where coffee, one of our temptations, are the main part of their economy because of their productions and also, exports.

Many people are now trying different tourist options, like the ones that help you discovering some of the best coffee plantations all over the world. You just have to think about one of the destinations we are going to propose you and make your bookings, both for flights and accommodation, and finding out why they are the best coffee producers of the world. Take a look to the Gross Domestic Product to know how important is this cultivation.

But you can also try a different trip just by planning visits to their many plantations. There you will experiment the importance of this job for their inhabitants, the money they can earn by working in this plantations and the price we pay for it once in our markets. Find the best low cost flights to the destinations we are going to mention in trustly agencies like Travel2be and discover all about coffee.

Attending to the International Trade Center, there are many things to take into account when we talk about the coffee quality.

  • Mild Arabica Colombian Coffee: when we talk about this type of production, we can talk about many countries. First of all, we have to say that, traditionally, Colombia has been one of the main productors from this dark liquid, but not the only one. From Africa, you can find some countries like Kenya or Tansania that also made their efforts in this plantations in order to improve the country economy. If we take a look to the many opinions about this type of coffee, we will find out that quality in this three countries is very similar.

  • Mild Arabica: here you will find many other countries both from Africa and America, where the weather and temperature conditions help entrepreneurs with their plantations. Costa Rica, Haití, Honduras, Rwanda, Burundi or even Zimbabwe are some of the main exporters.

  • Arabica Brazilian and other naturals ones: this is a very common plantation all over the world. You will be able to travel to many countries where this type of arabica is produced. If you want to try the African countries, you just have to travel to places like Cameroon, Congo, Ghana, Gabon or even Madagascar. But, of course, traditionally Brazil has been one of the most powerful exporters of the Arabica Brazilian.

Have you find the destination you wanna reach? Just take again a look, plan where to travel, make your reservations and form your own opinion about where the best coffee is produced. In every country we have mention you will find airports to get to them and also airlines that, through agencies like Travel2be, offer the best prices for this round trips. Take your own conclusions and enjoy visiting some of the best plantations of the world. It will be an unforgettable trip.

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