Wall Street does not disappoint

From all the companies that form the S&P500, more than 350 have presented their results, and they couldn’t be better. By now they are about to have an improvement of about the 10% of their interanual benefits, when all predictions were almost the half, about a 5% for this year.

This is also shown in markets, where investors can see how the fiability of the economic and consume recovery in the United States are now again a perfect scenery to display their portfolios and move their currencies.

All this info is now being processed and analized by the area observers, where Credit Suisse, Versus Wealth Management or UBS are not missing no published data and are rising Wall Street as the paradigm results that improve those recorded in previous quarters.

But with all this good news , we must also note that oil -related companies are not getting the same way

We also have to say that all this growth is not going to be reflected in the billing of the companies but in the different benefit accounts as the adjustments of all this year were designed for the cost reductions and seems that they were ok and it is time to reap the rewards.

Does this mean that it will start a new bullish wave? Well if we are conservatives, we could see that these third trimester results could help the fourth and the final year to turn around. That’s why it is expected that, at least during some time, we will see a bullish trend in the American market if we do not take into account that, although all forecasts, data have been lower than expected and, if we add the annual ones, they will not get the forecast of the beginning of the year. This could mean a final readjustment during next weeks.

Of course, all this good news are taking us far away from the recession rumours in this part of the world, but we must be watching carefully the Federal Reserve, who will make a final valuation and maybe announcing the rising rates expected.

It seems that the final months of this 2014 will be marked by uncertainty before closure , when in fact it will be the health of the markets and emerging trends that will mark the next 2015 .

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