Welfare in Europe: Benefits tourism not OK

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Bridge over troubled water

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Welfare in Europe


The European Court of Justice lets governments restrict migrant benefits



IN THE debate over immigration, accusations of benefits tourism are rife. The mayor of Calais called the British welfare system an El Dorado for asylum seekers. Britain has been talking of quotas on immigrants from the rest of the European Union. Germany is toying with setting a six-month maximum stay for jobseekers.
Now the European Court of Justice has weighed in, backing the refusal by a German job centre to give unemployment benefits to a Romanian mother who has never worked in her home or her host country. The court ruling will allow national governments to exclude EU migrants from such benefits if they come solely to claim welfare. The decision supports Germany’s reforms and makes it easier for countries to limit migrants’ benefits.

How common is benefits tourism? Numbers of migrants and recipients …

Link to article: www.economist.com/news/europe/21632571-european-court-justice-lets-governments-restrict-migrant-benefits-benefits-tourism-not-ok?fsrc=rss

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