Youngs but millionaires

forbes-under-30Forbes, as every year, has just published the list of the young stars that earned millions during last year. As in other editions, the list of the most rich young profiles is full of singers, actors and popular people.

We are going to analyze some of the main things why these less-than-30 are increasing year after year their accounts and it has to do a lot with publicity, media and social media.

Of course, once we start talking about names such as Taylor Swift, Adele, Messi or even some boy band members like Harry Styles or the basket player Kevin Durant we are talking also about the many work they have done during the last months.

The truth is that, during last years, all these type of profiles have seen how their currency increased because of the worldwide popularity they can get just by having a good marketing plan behind them.

Taylor, the country music queen – well, it is how she started – is now a value that can earn 159 million dollars in a year, as she made this last 12 months. Although during last year she has not made many concerts, the way her work is bought all over the world and the many royalties in terms of radios, public appereances and merchandising help a lot.

The same happens to the One Direction boy band, that overcome about 103 million dollars although they announce the “non long hiatus” and all its members are now planning their solo careers. The last album, together with the many concerts they made last year during their tour and the merchandising they are able to send make this music group the most profitable one from all the boy bands history.

But there are, as told, many other profiles such as sport ones like Lionel Messi, Djokovic, Durant or Cam Newton are also included here.

The new generation has came to make their time, and they are showing that, at least, they are a lot more profitable than the predecesors.

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